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The original Parish of Applecross, as well as covering the peninsula, also included the area between Tornapress and Diabeg.  Many people incorrectly refer to the small community of Shore Street as Applecross, but the name Applecross applies to the whole peninsula.

Until the construction of the north coast road in 1975, the only access, other than by footpath, was over the Bealach nam Bo, the pass of the cattle.  The Bealach, for many centuries, was a massive guardian to Applecross.

Recent surveys have shown that, in the Mesolithic period, nomadic hunter-gatherers visited the coastal regions by sea.  The Scotland's First Settlers Project discovered much evidence of this occupation.

In a recent archaeological dig by Channel Four's Time Team, evidence of a broch was confirmed.  Further dig's have discovered evidence of earlier occupation.

Maelrubha was born in Londonderry on 3rd January 642, and in 671 sailed from Bangor to Scotland to found a new monastic settlement.  Two years later, in the words of G.A. Frank Knight in Archaeological Light on the Early Christianizing of Scotland, " ...the saint at last reached Abercrossan, now Applecross in Rossshire, and in the midst of beautiful and romantic scenery he recognised that he had at last discovered the site for which he had been in search for so long a period". Here he established his monastery and declared the area within a six mile radius a sanctuary.

Today, Applecross still provides sanctuary for those escaping from the pressures of modern life.